SMA-DSE – Granules

For the dosing of easy-flowing bulk materials such as granules or regrind, we use our granule feeder of the SMA-DSE model series.

The feeder can be operated either volumetrically or in combination with the SMA-PS platform scale and the easyControl control system as a loss-in-weight feeder ( LWF for short).

The unit is designed for small to medium throughputs from 500g/h to 3t/h and can be operated with different gearboxes and metering screws. Different designs are available as discharge tube


Height: 550 mm; Length: approx. 650 mm ( with vertical discharge pipe); Width: 350 mm; Weight: 22 kg

Drive / Transmission

Drive with three-phase motor (for frequency converter operation), motor frequency max. 100 Hz.
Three different gear reductions are available for different metering ranges.

Dosing screws / discharge pipes

A wide range of dosing screws allows easy adaptation to different materials, throughputs and bulk densities. Horizontal or vertical versions (DN104) can be used as discharge pipes. Material Stainless steel SUS 304

Container / lid

The trough volume is approx. 28 l. With additional containers, the container volume can be adapted to the demand (throughput). Both lids for automatic filling (with inlet and vent) and lids for manual filling are available. Material stainless steel SUS 304


  • Inductive proximity switch for run control
  • Sleeves for sensor mounting (for volumetric devices)
  • Motors according to UL standard