Hethon – Partner for dosing systems

Hethon feeders for bulk material feeding.

Feeders are extremely versatile machines for volumetric and gravimetric feeding of a wide variety of materials. Suitable bulk materials are powder, granules, flakes or fibers.

Materials with cohesive flow properties can also be precisely metered.

Bridge formation in the case of poor flow behavior is prevented by continuous movement of the flexible container wall by paddles. This ensures uniform screw filling and thus high metering accuracy at all times.

We are now proud to have found the company Hethon as a partner for these special requirements.

Hethon feeders are available in four different sizes. This results in an application range of approx. 0.1-25,000 l/h.

The devices are available with ATEX and/or FDA approval. Also variants with acid resistance as well as for high bulk material temperatures are available.

Due to an easy “removability” of the PU trough, a quick and easy cleaning is possible. In contrast to other, comparable devices from other manufacturers, the metering screw remains in the trough when it is removed, which also prevents product residues from escaping. This also makes it possible to easily change the troughs.

The original Hethon feeders are characterized by high reliability and a wide range of accessories. Different sizes of extension hoppers and a variety of dosing screws are available. Thus, individual adaptation to all materials and throughputs is possible. Spare parts are available quickly and at low cost. For questions, spare parts requests and in case of service, the company SmaDoTec GmbH is at your disposal.