New*** EasyBatch

Your system for discontinuous batch processes

SmaDoTec now offers the EasyBatch product for discontinuous batch processes.
EasyBatch runs on an industrial IPC under Windows 10 and offers all the functional add-ons that are already known from the continuous dosing control EasyControl.
(Connection to control systems, process data visualization etc.)
Operation takes place on a 12″ touchscreen monitor using a graphical user interface.

Two types of batch feeders are supported, the so-called loss-in-weight feeder (hereinafter referred to as LWB) and the gain-in-weight feeder (hereinafter referred to as GWB).

With the LWB, the dosing unit stands on a scale and doses a specified product quantity, e.g. into a collecting container. If the weight loss on the scale corresponds to the batch size, the batch process is terminated.

With the GWB, a volumetric dosing device doses into a collection container that is placed on a scale.
If the increase in weight corresponds to the specified product quantity, the volumetric dosing device is stopped.

Most batch processes work in such a way that several dosing units dose into a kind of storage container in advance. The product is then dispensed from this storage container together with other dispensers according to a predetermined batch recipe into a collection container.
It can be seen that each batch process can thus be represented by a kind of cascadable dosing network.
EasyBatch allows you to graphically compile this network and run the batch processes according to definable sequences. You only need one controller for this and it does not matter whether the individual dosing unit is operated as an LWB or GWB is operated.